The latest feature in Vimala Hills

A manifestation of sustainable living concept, formulated to rejuvenate your definition of the future.

To appreciate a great life in Vimala View means to have a perfect harmony of life, balancing contemporary design with sophisticated technology and enjoying a wide range of first-class facilities, infused in the delicate elements of the natural surrounding.

A Stunning View, A Warm Welcome

Enjoy the marvelous view of the entire facilities

From the moment you arrive at the drop off area, absorb the marvelous view of the entire facilities, located in the terracing landscape that adapts the contour in the area, framed by the gorgeous natural panorama.

Our magnificent bridge, a seamless extension to Pullman Hotels and Resorts, will also welcome you with an open arm, complemented with a light gym and family playground, allowing you to soak in the magnificent mountainous view while doing cardio or engaging with your loved ones.

An Outstanding Design, An Uninterrupted View

Inspired by the design of Pullman Hotels & Resorts, all towers in Vimala View are designed meticulously, allowing you to have uninterrupted view to the courtyards and the entire surrounding panorama.

Layering landscapes and curvy designs are designed by following the form of land contour and valley shapes, to create a harmonious ambience while you are inspired by the stunning natural landscape.

Additional Features, A Value Beyond Comfort

The entire facility is orchestrated in a strong harmony with the nature

The entire facilities in Vimala View are assembled in a huge area of terracing landscape, easing you to enjoy the whole contour in the higher ground. The focal point in the area presents various types of swimming pool such as an edgeless resort pool for adults and a kid’s pool with sliding facilities.

Feel the fresh atmosphere as you host your parties at the gazebo, appreciate tranquility in the fitness and sauna area, or enjoy the fine sky garden viewing deck that is located in every tower rooftop.

The entire facility is orchestrated in a strong harmony with the nature. Each unit comes with wooden floor and a balcony, a connecting door from the master bedroom to the bathroom, natural lighting and circulation system, a kitchen installation, and a corridor across a park that will allow you to feel the resort atmosphere throughout the day.

Pullman Hotels & Resorts

Enjoy the 5-star hotel convenient hospitality

The holistic experience of personalized services and innovative technologies, and the opportunity to immerse into the nature at Pullman Hotels & Resorts, located right next to Vimala Hills. Equipped with the best-in-class facilities, Pullman Hotels are designed exclusively with the Signature Bridge that became an inspiration for Vimala View’s design.

Masterplan Vimala View

Refreshing natural scenery every day

Located 600 meters above sea levels, Vimala View enables you to relish in the artistry of refreshing natural scenery every day.

Right next to Pullman Hotels and Resorts, in the heart of Vimala Hills, embrace a new way of living in Vimala View, where modern design meets unrefined nature, and you can define a great life with your loved ones.

Beautiful & Great Life Awaits!

Embrace inclusive living in georgeous natural world.

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